What is Camp Culture?

Camp Culture Online Academy

Camp Culture is an online product that combines everything Choose People has to offer into one incredibly affordable and effective solution. This solution allows us to be as responsive to challenges and changes with workplace culture as the times we live in.

Best For

Leaders and Managers looking to solidify the foundations of their workplace culture, or to rebuild from square one. Perhaps your organization has gone through a significant change of leadership or workforce. Maybe your current culture just doesn't work anymore due to transitions or new expectations. 

For whatever reason, if you're looking for a workplace culture refresh then Camp Culture is for you! 


  1. Work at your own pace Foundation Course
  2. Monthly Live Coaching and Consulting
  3. Participation in a Community of Like-Minded Committed Leaders

How It Works

Camp Culture will take you through the Camp Culture Success Journey which consists of 5 Stages for creating and sustaining a thriving workplace culture. They are: 

  1. Scout The Path - with a focus on Psychological Safety and Creating Buy-In
  2. Map True North - with a focus on Trust and Aligned Inspired Teamwork 
  3. Guide The Way - with a focus on Operations, Agreements, and Accountability
  4. Blaze the Trail - with a focus on Communication and Interdependency Awareness  
  5. Enjoy The View - with a focus on Camaraderie and Consistency

Each Stage is broken down into three milestones to achieve, with each milestone broken down into three action steps. We did all the hard work of creating a clear path for you.  Simply follow the milestones and implement the action steps and in less than 2 hours a week, you'll be well on your way to creating a thriving workplace culture!

Camp Culture is the ultimate solution for affordable, and ongoing support for your leaders and managers to create and sustain a thriving workplace culture where everyone can experience positivity, inclusion, and high productivity. 

The Choose People Difference

Choose People operates from three core pillars. These pillars not only integrate with any existing values at your organization but also amplifies them to be even more empowering and effective. A thriving culture requires that your team members feel they are:

  • Known
  • Matter
  • Included

These pillars have worked to create change in every organization we've worked with over the last 10 years, and we are confident it will work with your organization too!

We aren't here to force you to change to a prescribed set of processes and rules. Rather we help you optimize and align what you're already doing so that it's effective, inclusive, and dare we say even enjoyable! 

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