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Camp Culture is packed with features and benefits.  So much so that it can get overwhelming when you're first starting out. We've created this guide to help you understand what features exist, how to get the most out of them, and generally to make sure you understand camp and all the tools at your disposal!

The Main Camp Culture Site

The Main Site is where you'll go to work through the 5 Culture Stages. It holds all the Milestones, Links to Camp Culture Features, and where you can manage your account. 

When you're doing the core work of the work. This is where you'll look. 

For more exploration of the Main Site, head to his page!

The Mess Hall Facebook Group

The Mess Hall is our Facebook Group that allows all our campers to be in one place to share challenges, triumphs, and even get bonus content, not directly a part of the main 5 Culture Stages.

While there's a well-worn path for many culture challenges, there's always something unique that can appear in any situation.  That's where the Mess Hall comes in. In this space, you're able to access the mastermind of Camp Culture leaders and managers to get insight, perspective, and advice on any challenge you're facing. 

The Mess Hall is also a great place to post a simple question you'd like thoughts on before the next Q&A.

With the Mess Hall, you are never alone in your leadership. We got you!

The Mess Hall is a full-featured space just like the Main Site, go here to explore it!

Members-Only Live Events

Our Members-Only Live events are Q&As, Champion Spotlights, Fireside Chats, & Facilitated Culture Masterminds.

Each of these events is unique and provides different benefits. While none are required to get through the 5 Culture Stages, these live events are incredibly enriching for your Camp Culture experience and if you do happen to come across a challenge, then this is the place you go to get help.

Learn more about each Members-Only Live Events here!

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