The Main Camp Culture Site

The 5 Major Sections of the Main Camp Culture Site

Start Here, Camp Culture Orientation, & Lay of the Land

These are introductions to Camp Culture to guide your understanding of the main site. They break down as:

  • Start Here - Introductions to Kris and Camp
  • Orientation - Introduction to the 5 Stages of Culture
  • Lay of the Land - Achievements to keep you Accountable

Once you go through these starter sections, you never need to go back into the details of them (unless you need a refresher.)

But there is one place you may choose to come back to on a regular basis:

The Resource Library

Inside the Start Here section, there is a Resource Library where we will put any number of extra resources we talk about during Live Events, or that were requested by the community. 

The 5 Culture Stages 

These are the main Stages of Camp Culture and where you'll go to get core culture content that takes you through the Camp Culture Success Journey. The stages are: 

  1. Scout The Path
  2. Map True North
  3. Guide The Way
  4. Blaze the Trail
  5. Enjoy the View

Each stage has three milestones.  One milestone is released per month, with three action steps to achieve that milestone. 

(That's roughly one action step per week, and one week to reflect.)

Recorded Live Q&As

Live Q&As is a favorite with our Campers. It's both a way to get specific timely advice and perspective from Kris and to really be with all the amazing like-minded leaders in Camp Culture.  Here you will find the recordings of these live Q&A sessions if you were not able to join us in person.

Culture Champion Spotlight

Kris is very lucky in her network and connections, and she's excited to be able to share them with campers. In spotlights, she brings on a special guest to share unique insights, experiences, and advice. 

Ranging from topic experts to leaders of well-established organizations - guests all have one thing in common - they create thriving workplace cultures!

Submission Forms

The main site also contains links for the two main submission forms of Camp Culture. 

First, is the Q&A submission form. It's always valuable to ask your question ahead of time so Kris can give as complete a reply as possible. (Though we love in the moment questions too!)

Second, is the Fireside Chat submission form. If you have a question that just feels too big, or too personal, for the Live Q&A you have the opportunity to get direct one-on-one consulting time with Kris! Conversations remain private and confidential.
(some restrictions apply)

Both of these options are used regularly by members and are a huge benefit of Camp Culture!

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to us using our chat feature. 

We'd love to hear from you!

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