The Facebook Group - The Mess Hall

The 5 Major Sections of the Group


The Discussion area is the main area of the group. It's where you can see other people's posts and post for yourself. 

It's always worth it to check in with your fellow campers, or just share. It's a great place to practice some emotional intimacy, empathy, or vulnerability in a space that's not directly attached to your workplace or the actions you're taking for the 5 Culture Stages. 

Speak up! We promise you'll be amazed by the support!


The Announcements is the area of the group where you can find important Camp Culture information and posts of particular note that our moderators have spotted. 

We'll always try to lift up and spotlight great questions, people in need of support, or posts that deserve a little extra boosting! We love to hear from you and your teams so make sure to share so we can all celebrate together, and recognize one another for our leadership and culture work.


The Topics area is a way that you can more quickly sort through all the content that exists in the group. Posts can come in fast and furious and sometimes you might see something you want to come back to. 

When you go to topics you can select the relevant topic for the content or stage you're in, find what you're looking for, or just connect with posts that are more in line with your current journey. 

We work to tag posts with relevant topics, and you can tag your own post with a topic too! It's a great organizational tool.


The Units area is a place where you can find advanced challenges and content for your Camp Culture experience. 

As the group and sharing grows, so will the Units - especially as the content in the group expands and organizes such that it doesn't quite fit in the 5 Culture Stages on the Main Camp Culture Site, but are still well worth organizing into their own mini-courses or resources that can benefit campers! 

One of the greatest powers of a community is the sharing and Units help us get the most out of our shares!


Choose People and campers will commonly share resources in the form of documents. If a document is shared you can check out the Files area to see a full list of all the files ever shared in the group and easily find the resources! 

It's just a quick and easy way to find things of massive value, and we absolutely encourage the sharing of things we can all benefit and grow from. 

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to us using our chat feature. 

We'd love to hear from you!

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