What is Culture Works?

Culture Works Book & Workbook

Culture Works Book

Culture Works: How To Create Happiness in the Workplace is Kris' how-to book on workplace culture and guides you with practical daily perspectives and activities to create an extraordinary workplace culture. 

Best For

Leaders and Managers looking for a "do-it-yourself" option. Culture Works helps you navigate around and through culture obstacles like gossip, silos, and apathy. You'll receive innovative concepts, enlightening stories, and tangible tools to implement with your team.


  • Expert Reflections and Perspectives on How to Create an Extraordinary Culture
  • Personal Culture Assessments throughout the Book
  • Action Jackson Activities to engage with your Team

How It Works

Culture Works centers around 8 Critical Factors of workplace happiness that we uncovered through our research. They are:

  1. Supervisors
  2. Co-Workers
  3. Meaning/Job Fit
  4. Autonomy
  5. Impact
  6. Organizational Support
  7. Organizational Fit
  8. Work-Family Climate

Each chapter indicates what Factors the chapter topics and activities affect. So you can work through the book from front to back or pick out which Factor needs the most work and focus on those. 

This makes Culture Works unique from any other book on culture out there, becoming a reference guide you'll want to keep on your desk to pull from regularly!  

The Choose People Difference

Choose People operates from three core pillars. These pillars not only integrate with any existing values at your organization but also amplifies them to be even more empowering and effective. A thriving culture requires that your team members feel they are:

  • Known
  • Matter
  • Included

These pillars have worked to create change in every organization we've worked with over the last 10 years, and we are confident it will work with your organization too!

We aren't here to force you to change to a prescribed set of processes and rules. Rather we help you optimize and align what you're already doing so that it's effective, inclusive, and dare we say even enjoyable! 

Book vs. Workbook

The book does have a few places where you may write in it, but overall it's not meant to capture active reflection.  The book is travel size, meant to fit easily inside most bags and purses. 

The workbook on the other hand is the size of a common yellow notepad and has ample space to write, reflect, and self-validate your progress through the Culture Works book. 

The workbook operates not just as a how-to guide to workplace culture like the Culture Works book does, but also as a place to work through, try on and implement the concepts and activities in the book with your team.  It supports you in taking the knowledge you learn from the book and putting it into action to develop your own experiential insight.

In this way, the Culture Works Workbook acts not only as a guide but also as a log of you and your organization's progression and development through your culture work!  

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