What is a Pop-Up Live Event?


Choose People Pop-Up Lives

Are our unique offering for workplace culture enthusiasts including any organizations looking to upgrade their employee experience at literally no cost! While the Pop-Up Lives will never be able to go as in-depth as our workplace culture guide Culture Works, or our online learning academy Camp Culture they are completely free; our Pop-Up Live events will absolutely give you perspective shifts, workplace practices, and even process tools that you can use to shift the workplace experience of your organization - Right. Now.

How to Join Us for a Pop-Up Live

There are two ways you can join us on our Pop-Up Lives! The first option is to join us on Zoom. This is the option you want to choose if you're looking to truly engage and explore your understanding of workplace culture and the topics of the Pop-Up Live. By joining us on Zoom you get the opportunity to be live and in living color with Kris! You'll get to engage with other leaders and managers across the nation as we explore and share experiences. Get ideas in real-time and ask Kris any questions you have directly! 

Register to be live on Zoom with us here!

The second option is to join us on YouTube! We stream the Zoom event to YouTube for anyone who is interested in starting their workplace culture journey, but aren't sure just yet about jumping into the deep end. Trust us, we are leaders and managers ourselves who took the same path you're staring down now. We know how daunting this can all seem. Hop on our YouTube and follow along every step of the way without any pressure. 

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Missed a Pop-Up Live

Don't worry, that's what we have YouTube for! You can watch any Pop-Up Live in its full hour-long format at your leisure on our channel. We are talking about all juicy and real-world stuff here on the Pop-Up Live because we have real leaders and managers with real challenges who show up. So trust us when we say the full hour can absolutely be worth the time.  

Don't have an hour to spare? 

Don't sweat it. We edit all our Pop-Up Lives down into a presentation format for YouTube. We're talking 2-5 minute videos that are packed with all the most important takeaways of the pop-up topic. Look, we don't want to pressure you, but if you're even just exploring what it takes to create a workplace culture as a current leader or aspiring one-- You should without a shadow of a doubt subscribe to our YouTube channel. Let's take the first step of making your very real, and incredible commitment to joy in the workplace official. If you've read this far click this link and subscribe.

Have a question?

Contact us anytime by sending an email to support@choosepeople.com or contacting us through the Blue Chat Bubble available on any of our site pages at the bottom right corner. Seriously, we are here to help anytime with any workplace culture conundrum. So reach out. You're needs and questions are absolutely welcome!

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